Frequently Asked Questions

Updates: Modifications made to the program since NoteSmith was released, along with answers to frequently asked questions, can be found under Help, Technical Support, Update in the current program or by viewing the 2023 Frequently Asked Questions PDF file.

Windows 10 and 11: NoteSmith 2023 will run on Windows 10 and 11. We confirmed this with shipping versions of Windows 10 and 11. NoteSmith 2013 and newer will run on Windows 8. Previous versions of NoteSmith, which were released for earlier versions of Windows, cannot run on Windows 8 or later versions. Before making an operating system switch, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this change to your office.

Net Installation: We see Net installation questions all year and every Net installation problem has been a result of not following exactly the 4 simple Net installation steps in the manual. Since we have to support users all across the country, and outside it, we have to require strict adherence to our installation directions.

Activation: NoteSmith is fully functional when it is first installed. It will let you know when it needs activation, which will be within the first few weeks, and cannot be activated until it requests. Please refer to the Activation and Deactivation topics in the manual. The activation routine has now been used for over fifteen years!

Deactivation: Spam, viruses, and hard drive failure may cause your computer to malfunction. If it does, and you suspect you need to replace your hardware, go immediately to File, Utilities and choose Backup. Back your data up to a new USB flash drive. Do not risk copying potentially damaged data over the top of a good backup. Then go to Help, Technical Support, Activation and press the Deactivate button with your printer on and full of paper. Print that receipt so we can provide you with a replacement activation on your new computer at no charge. You will not be able to run NoteSmith on that old computer once you deactivate.

New versions of NoteSmith: The latest annual release is sent to first time licensees of NoteSmith starting the last quarter of the year. Discount priced annual renewals for current licensees are available, as always, starting the first quarter of the new year. Details are at the Order Forms page of this site and at Help, Renewal Invoice in the program.