Contacting Technical Support

NoteSmith technical support is handled using a variety of methods to get you an answer as quickly as possible and in the most cost effective manner to save you money. Please look for your answer in the following sequence:

Manual: Review the index of the printed manual. The manual is edited and expanded every year to try answering your questions before you ask them.

Help: Review all the text in Help by searching the PDF for your topic.

FAQs: Go to the FAQ page of this site and also review the PDF under Help, Technical Support, Update, FAQs in your program.

Update: Be sure your program file is updated from Help, Technical Support or visit the Downloads page of this site. We make minor changes during the year based on feedback from other customers.

Email or Fax: We respond to virtually all questions within a few hours, although we promise "next business day" turnaround. Generally, we need to see what you see and this is the quickest, most cost effective way to do so. Incoming faxes arrive to us as emails so choose your favorite method, but please not both! Our email address and fax numbers appear in the back of your printed manual or contact us directly from the Help, Technical Support menu within the program.

Telephone: We do not offer telephone technical support because it would triple the initial cost of licensing a program. Further, there always is a lengthy elapsed period between initial call and final resolution, we cannot see your screen or any NoteSmith reports, and we prefer to keep a log of all contacts with our customers. Any "quick question" can be answered as quickly by email as by phone, plus you get a record of it!