NoteSmith Pro

NoteSmith Pro loan servicing software has additional features for mortgage companies, lenders, landlords, and note investors with sophisticated needs. It includes all the features of our NoteSmith Basic program plus these listed below. Consider NoteSmith Net for offices needing simultaneous, multi-user access.

NoteSmith Pro Features

  • Custom report generator to display your data as you want
  • Multiple user defined fields to screen notes according to your needs
  • Full lease servicing
  • Note brokerage selling module will calculate capital gains when selling partial notes or balloons, then service the part sold and any residual
  • Sophisticated filtering module to screen notes into sub-portfolios
  • Invoicing with or without a bottom coupon
  • Tools for managing variable interest rate loans with level or adjustable payments
  • Print payment coupons with barcodes to speed up recording of payments (requires your own Code 39 barcode wand or scanner)
  • Valuable utility features such as automatically paying payable notes, two level password protection, and unlimited company configurations
  • Electronic filing of IRS Forms 1098, 1099-A, 1099-C, and 1099-INT
  • IRS Form 1099-INT for interest paid to investors (each annual version is released in time to print forms due in January of the new calendar year, using the data from the previous tax year
  • Merge financial documents, closing documents, and letters with Microsoft Word, which NoteSmith opens, uses, and closes automatically
  • Graph various reports using Excel, which NoteSmith also automates
  • Export data in QuickBooks format and import with a couple of mouse clicks; NoteSmith receivable payments show up as deposits QuickBooks while payable payments appear as checks
  • Online features such as web-based backup and web browser payment histories so payors can check their own account without calling your office; see the Online Payment History page for a preview; online features carry a small charge to cover internet storage and bandwidth
  • The Pro is a single user program but comes with a second backup installation in case your first one becomes unusable
  • Remember, NoteSmith Pro includes all the features of NoteSmith Basic
  • See Additional Information for more details