The NoteSmith family of loan servicing software is designed to perform all of the tracking activities for an investor in, or an originator of, mortgage notes, discounted notes, car loans, mobile home paper, rental property, and other cash flows.

NoteSmith Basic is designed for the individual note investor servicing their own portfolio of notes. It can handle the servicing needs of an investor, a retirement account, a small business that makes loans, or one that sells their own products on a payment plan. NoteSmith Pro adds features for larger portfolios, including methods of interfacing with other software and outside agencies. NoteSmith Net provides simultaneous multi-user access to the data over a local area network. Choose the model that is right for you.

Fully featured

  • Daily or periodic compounding for weekly, biweekly, half-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually; USRule, accrual, and Canadian interest
  • Note brokerage capital gains
  • Automatic escrow, service fees, late charges, and late letter generation
  • Numerous management reports include due dates, payment histories, cash flow, portfolio statistics, register, yields, and collateral (LTV and ITV)
  • Display delinquencies by range of dates, automatic 30-60-90 day late summaries
  • Search on any borrower data field, such as last name, loan number, or address
  • Mail merge with unlimited form letters, include return and inside addresses, property and payment information, first or second payor, corporate payor, insurance agent
  • Mailing labels and envelopes with or without your return address
  • Coupons, receipts, payoff forms
  • Print IRS 1098 and IRS 6252 Installment Sales (annual version is released in January to print forms due that January for payments received the previous tax year)
  • Track discounted note purchases and their payments for Total, Partial, and BSchedule discounted purchases in up to 9 entities
  • Investor payment history tracks return of capital and discount earned for notes bought at less than face value
  • Financial calculator and amortization schedules printed from the calculator or from payor data, for total, partial, and discounted partial amortizations
  • Track wraparound notes easily
  • See Additional Information for more details

Ease of use

  • Pop up help at each user entry field, pop up menus, and a 350+ page manual
  • Print reports to screen, to disk, or to the printer, one at a time or in bulk
  • Customizable data entry screens
  • Simple, automatic backup and restore using hard drive or FlashDrive; online backup available for a small charge
  • Enter payments with no typing of recurring data