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To order any current NoteSmith program, renewal, or option, use the section below that matches your situation.

NS Quill New: You have never licensed any NoteSmith program

You do not have NoteSmith and want to license a program for the first time or license an additional program for use on another computer system. Order online now or by phone, fax, or postal mail.

NS Quill Current User Support Options: You already licensed a NoteSmith 2023 model

If you are a registered user of any model of NoteSmith 2023, you are eligible for special pricing to move to a more full featured 2023 model or sign up for other Support Options. Order now...

NS Quill Renewal: You last licensed a NoteSmith 2022 model

Discounts for renewing your annual technical support are available starting November of each year and expire the following February 14. You may renew your subscription to NoteSmith technical support and receive new program media at this time from the Former Customer page. Order now...

NS Quill Former: You last licensed NoteSmith 2021 or older

You use a version of NoteSmith that is no longer supported and want to renew your technical support for this year. Order now...