Order Form FAQs

You may have noticed from your research that NoteSmith is one-half to one-tenth the cost of similar programs. We can offer it that reasonably because there are certain ways we publish and support the software that are different from other companies. This allows us to save you a lot of money on your order.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions divided into three sections: those that apply to All Customers, New Customers, and Renewal Customers. If you still have questions, please send an email to Support @ NoteSmith.com.

All Customers

  • How difficult is the program to install? Anyone who has used removable media in their computer can install NoteSmith or NoteSmith Pro in a couple of minutes. As a backup, step-by-step instructions appear in the printed manual. NoteSmith Net can be installed by any knowledgeable computer user who can share one folder on the server and map one drive letter to that shared folder following the directions in the manual. If these concepts are unfamiliar, we recommend hiring a computer professional for half an hour. Subsequent annual renewals can be done by anyone since the shared and mapped folder never changes.
  • How long do I receive technical support? Support for all users ends on the next December 31 with one exception: First time customers who order during the last quarter of the year will receive next year's program, so their support actually ends about 15 months later on the second December 31. In other words, all customers get support until December 31 of the year for which the program was published.
  • How do I get technical support? Simply email or fax our toll free number. We turnaround most requests the same business day but, due to time zone differences, we advertise next business day. Email is quickest, yet we maintain a toll free fax number so you know we are interested in answering your questions. Also, this site posts Technical Support FAQs. The printed manual is over 360 pages. Finally, your program can download a monthly PDF newsletter with common loan servicing issues. We try to answer most questions before you ask them. We do not offer telephone support because frequently we need to see what you see and telephone support would triple the licensing fee at the very least.
  • What happens when the year ends? NoteSmith continues to run and you can continue to service your notes. There is no program expiration date. Technical support ends for that version and certain date related functions, such as IRS forms and credit bureau reporting, are no longer relevant.
  • What about IRS tax forms the program prints? A new version of NoteSmith is released just before the calendar year starts. It fills in 1098s and other forms due to payors that coming January and due to the IRS that coming February using data from the previous year. This is the same way tax software is published. NoteSmith cannot fill in older or future forms because the IRS changes them each year. NoteSmith prints Copy A directly onto an IRS form and Copies B/C onto blank paper. Pro and Net can file Copy A electronically and can print Copies B/C to PDF.

New Customers

  • When will I receive my program? An email with directions, an Installation Guide, and a media key is sent the next business day.
  • What is your return policy? We have a 30 day, no questions asked, return policy when ordering directly from the Order Form page at this web site. Just return the materials in "as new" condition with delivery confirmation back to you. See the NoteSmith End User License Agreement (NEULA.pdf) for details.
  • Which version do I need? Start with the regular NoteSmith if you are not sure. The cost to jump up is only the difference in price and all 3 models use the same database to save you re-entering data. The original NoteSmith is designed for servicers with one to a few dozen notes who simply want to track incoming payments. NoteSmith Pro is for larger portfolios, users with rentals, and those who want to use their NoteSmith data in Word, Excel, QuickBooks, PDF, or Metro2 (credit bureau) formats. NoteSmith Net has the same feature set as the Pro but is designed for larger offices with multiple simultaneous users. We recommend starting with Pro even if you have a network so you can sample NoteSmith features on a single desktop without setting up multiple computers.
  • How much will staying current cost me? NoteSmith retails for $300-900 depending on what version you choose. Annual support renewals are generally $195-295 depending on the version and shipping selections. We notify you as the year ends and you have quite a few weeks to decide whether to renew or not. Aside from renewing support, you get a new program with new features and an import routine so you do not have to re-enter any data.
  • Explain program activation. So we can be sure we are supporting only people who paid to use NoteSmith, and so you can be assured others are not using the program for free while you have to pay, the program requires activation. This takes about 60 seconds once a year at our web site using any internet enabled computer, not necessarily your NoteSmith computer. The program is fully functional at the time you install it so you can be sure it is what you wanted. If you decide to keep it, the program will inform you when activation is necessary and you have a few weeks to perform that 60 second process. Directions are in the manual.

Renewal Customers

  • When will I receive my program? Renewals are sent, at your option, either: 1. Express: the first few days of January by download/email, or 2. The third week of January (about Jan 20) by download/email, or 3. The third week of January by postal mail. Select one of the first two options if you need to file IRS forms in January.
  • What is your return policy? Renewals are service items that cannot be returned. We cannot take back, for instance, the printing of your IRS forms. See the NoteSmith End User License Agreement (NEULA.pdf) for details.