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NoteSmith Testimonials

We promise our customers privacy so that they will provide their contact information for technical support use. NoteSmith is in use by banks, governments, and charities that, if we did share names, you certainly would have heard of them.

NoteSmith has been "on the street" for over 3 decades. One interesting testimonial is how families have become NoteSmith customers. We have an impressive number of second generation customers, two (that we know) who are third generation, and one family where the parents and 4 adult children all are customers.

Here are just a few of the many unsolicited comments we received from NoteSmith users (and one from a support technician) in various states and from a variety of industries. There are some interesting tidbits below from many fascinating people, so read them all and enjoy!


  • "One of the things I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Season is NoteSmith. You folks do a terrific job and I deeply appreciate how much easier you've made my life." JK, MI, CPA
  • "In the midst of our annual audit, which is a very busy time for us, I just wanted, on behalf of the loan service department, to take the time to thank your for your support...I thank you for not letting me down since a proposal was made by investors to change to another software. However, I asked them to consider two things: 1. The years that we have been using your program. & 2. The way you were going to respond to our crisis, and thanks to your great support we are staying with you guys. Congratulations!" -EM, Miami, FL
  • "The new software disk is great! Thank you for all your efforts."-WBJ, Bellevue, WA, CPA
  • "By the way, you should have gotten two additional brothers ordering from you ... in Louisiana and ... in Houston. That makes five in our family who use your program. Thank you!" -SC, Glendale, CA, CPA
  • "Thanks for the great gift in these economic darker times." GD, SC, referring to pricing for the 2010 technical support renewal
  • "Just wanted to say 'Thanks' for the upgrade, it's beautiful. Since I'm quite the computer novice I'm dancing all over finding all the neat stuff. Great job you guys." -SM, Corona, CA
  • "Thank you for the clear and quick response. I am so dependent on this program and wish I had more tech knowledge. Could not do it without you guys." -DW, Tampa, FL
  • "I appreciate you as the pioneer you have been in providing loan accounting software to us smaller potatoes businesses over the years! I recognize and appreciate you for the efforts you have made over the years to provide these services at a reasonable cost! Thanks for your company's kind assistance." -EM, Cottonwood, AZ, on his retirement

Make Money, Save Money

  • "By using your NoteSmith program...I am $3,531.39 richer today." -CL, Memphis, TN, storage unit investor
  • "I save $100 a month using this program!" -DM, Knoxville, TN, DDS and investor
  • "We had quotes ranging from $2000-8000 for programs that do what NoteSmith does."-WP, Arcadia, CA, business note buyer
  • "Thanks to you I have made more money since I have been using NoteSmith and I have invested less time doing it. THANKS!!!" -RN, McAllen, TX, circa 1990, user since 1988, see his 2006 comment under Honesty
  • "As Trustee of a Profit Sharing Plan, I must report as of the end of the plan fiscal year the 'value' of each asset, which means that in the case of a mortgage, I must include accrued interest as of October 31, even though it is not due at that time...I have now posted enough loans with enough variations to know that the program is pretty slick, and well worth the money. Thanks." -SH, Ft. Myers, FL, Trustee
  • "NoteSmith is working out great. What a bargain compared to some of the programs I was looking at. Thanks." -DT, attorney
  • "It really was a pleasure using your software and working with you over the years. I appreciated your prompt and helpful responses to my few technical questions, all of which stemmed from my own user error. The monthly newsletter was always informative and never intrusive because it didn't have advertising or prompt me to buy other stuff. The price for the software was affordable, even for a small, constantly cash-strapped not-for-profit like [name withheld for privacy]. Lots of times you get told that something is 'affordable' but then discover that all that really means is that it's cheaper than other options. You guys have a great program and I wish you and everyone there the best. Keep up the great work." RR, MO, Email notification that he moved to another job


  • "Thanks John. I appreciate your honesty...I can remember when I first purchased a copy of NoteSmith from you. You had a copy in your pocket at a seminar in Pensacola before there was ever a manual. You weren't even trying to sell it, but I wanted a copy. You told me it wasn't labeled nor did you have the exact price. We just made a deal on the spot and you gave me the disk. As far as I knew, it could have been blank. Funny how things happen. I trusted you then and I trust you now. Its good to see that you are still the same John I met many moons ago. God bless you." -RN, McAllen, TX, 2006, user since 1988 (DOS days), still a user in 2014, see his 1990 comment under Make Money, Save Money
  • From our printer, when we informed them their invoice was incorrect, thereby undercharging us on a large order: "Thanks for bringing the NoteSmith printing and duplication billing error to our attention. You must sleep good at night. We appreciate you dealing with us in such good faith and would like to say thanks by just keeping the original invoice as is. We appreciate your business and honesty." BB at CM, printer and CD duplicating company
  • "Thank you so much! I appreciate all the help and I'm sorry for the mess up. It proves once again what a reputable company you are that you didn't let me buy something I didn't need!" JC, McAllen, TX, to whom we returned $419


  • "Industry Achievement Award hereby bestowed this day to John Moren, NoteWorthy National Convention, June 22, 2001, for his lifelong dedication to the real estate note industry, his critically acclaimed software for loan servicing, and most importantly, the sharing of his skills and talents with all who ask." -JR, Publisher, NoteWorthy Newsletter
  • "I'm getting ready to leave this company to head back to school...By the way, I'm hearing nothing but praise for your program. Just thought you should know." -SS, summer intern, Santa Ana, CA
  • "I recognized the fact that there was some smart person out there who understood notes, notes servicing, and computer programming in order to create such a good program. Since becoming acquainted with you, I recognize the great contribution you have made to the entire note industry." -OLH, SLC, UT, investor who taught author Robert Allen the discount note business for the book "Creating Wealth"
  • "My turn on the soapbox. Every year you struggle with the upgrade. Sometimes more sometimes less but take a look at what is there in the program already and you will see why it is so hard to think of new ideas. You have given the users the world with a more than full featured servicing program." -GF, Ft. Collins, CO, NoteSmith support technician
  • "As you know, I've been using NoteSmith as far back as version 1 for DOS during your days in Asheville. So far I don't remember having to even use support to use my copy of the software. Even though I don't service many notes any more I keep my NoteSmith Pro up to date every year and I plan to continue as long as you keep coming out with new updates. It is without a doubt the best note servicing software available and a true value for the money. I'd say let those who can find a better software deal go and get it. They won't find it and they will be back...Anyway I just had to tell you guys that, because I respect you." -BH, Hendersonville, NC, retired United Airlines pilot and real estate investor
  • "Happy Holidays to you, John, and rest of the crew at NoteSmith, the 'Worlds Best Mortgage Servicing Solution'. (You may quote me)" -AS, Austin, TX, attorney and investor
  • "I see your NoteSmith program and the business that is built around it continues to grow and prosper. You know what they say 'build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.' I hope it is knocking your door down, but in any event you hit a homerun with NoteSmith." -HD, Wichita Falls, TX, 77 year old active investor, Million Dollar Club member, and Industry Achievement Award winner
  • "John, I just received my 2008 package this morning. I immediately turned to the Dedication page - Wow!! Ya did good - really good! I am the teacher of our co-ed Sunday school class, a pretty large class in and around my age. We have about 55-80 each Sunday. So, I believe you touched lots of folks hearts with this Dedication. It tells me a little more about you. Makes me more proud to be a NoteSmith subscriber!! Hope everyone's installation goes well! :-) Thanks for all you do." -KH, LA, commenting on the 20th anniversary release and its dedication
  • "I just want to pat you guys on the back. I have had Real Estate Attorneys and Accountants try to tell me, I, being NoteSmith, was incorrect. To this day, with the tools you guys provide, I have proven every one of them that NoteSmith is correct. You guys are genius." GI, TX

Save time

  • "It gave me time...before having to deal with all the year end work. I didn't have to drink near as much as I usually do." -DJ, San Antonio, TX, wholesale florist and note investor
  • "The printing of my Forms 1098 C, B & A (on the IRS form), and Forms 1096 worked wonderfully!!!! Many thanks." -KH, Bossier City, LA
  • "It is a buy here pay here lot. We are still servicing about 250 contracts. Your program has been a great tool for us." -GM, Centralia, WA, used car sales
  • "I just wanted to write a brief note to let you know how much I enjoy using your program. It has always been easy and reliable for me to use...This past year has been extremely busy for me...and being able to depend on NoteSmith's reliability was a great comfort to me." -SI, Mayor, City Name Withheld for Privacy, NJ

Technical support

  • As I read it I quickly realized I had not thought through the issues as deeply as you have. Whereas I'm a tad disappointed in myself, I'm very happy that you took the time to explain in detail not only why NoteSmith does what it does, but also the additional precautions I should be taking. And you did it without making me feel like a darned fool! Every time I've had tech support questions I wind up with an even greater appreciation of your thoroughness and your willingness to go the extra mile help your customers gain a better understanding not just of NoteSmith, but also of the various factors needed to protect the data. You, Ryan and the others I've dealt with are professionals in every sense of that word. -JK, CPA, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, on backups
  • "I followed your directions and it REALLY WORKED! Thank You for the patience with me. I have had the NoteSmith programs for several years and have never had such a problem. I really appreciate the fine support which you all provide. Again, Thank You." -JC, Tampa, FL, college professor and lender, describing an OLE error from Windows which prevented him from backing up his NoteSmith data
  • "Your level of customer service is outstanding!! I greatly appreciate your sense of urgency to answer my questions." -DS, Columbia, SC, 6 year user
  • "We have a 75 year old woman in our office who handles about 40 of the some 900 accounts that we have relating to our land sales businesses. She has been with us 'forever.' We feel a duty to let her stay because of her loyalty to us over the years. She refuses to switch from the old DOS version to a Windows version. I tried to convince her by ordering a current version of NoteSmith, to no avail...I am surprised that the DOS program hasn't already had any problems. Whenever she decides to retire, which could be 20 years from now, those accounts will be converted to a current version. Some people cannot accept 'change,' and she is one of them...As long as she is happy, its OK with me...I don't know what we would do without NoteSmith-Pro for the other 850 accounts. I guess it would be back to the old 'green ledger sheets.' It makes me cringe to think of it. Thank you for your continued support over the years. You guys perform a great service to many people. We are most appreciative." -RG, Ft. McCoy, FL, 10 year NoteSmith user, and counting, as of 2006
  • "I do want to thank you for your prompt reply. I certainly appreciate it. I don't think I have ever used another product which gets a response out so quickly." RA, TX, new user
  • "Y'all are great. Imagine that, a vendor who actually listens to customers. AND even remembers to get back in touch! We've been getting used to NoteSmith, and our appreciation for the product continues to grow." MK, MA, after implementing an upgrade suggestion
  • "Good to hear from you. It brought back memories of Jimmy Napier seminars in Pensacola. I remember the first 5 1/4 floppy I bought ... in 1988. You have come a long way and certainly done well." -BG, FL, 21 year customer, sent by email in 2009