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Mortgage and real estate investors frequently ask how NoteSmith loan servicing software can be licensed at such reasonable prices. This is an excellent question and our four part response appears below.

First, thank you for visiting this web site and for considering NoteSmith to manage your portfolio.

Wayne J. Lonowski
Adagio Systems, LLC/Princeton Investments
Publisher of NoteSmith

How can NoteSmith be licensed at such reasonable prices?

  • The company that eventually published NoteSmith was founded in 1988 to purchase mortgages on the open market. Software was written to manage that portfolio. Other mortgage investors started ordering what eventually became known as NoteSmith. Initial development costs were not passed on to the consumer and, being investors also, we did not have to hire technical advisors.
  • NoteSmith is supported by email and toll free fax. This not only makes contacting support easy for you but shows a commitment to supporting the software. Voice support is not offered, which reduces the program price by at least half and probably by two thirds. A further advantage is that you receive written instructions, which you can use at your own pace and save for future reference.
  • Because NoteSmith prices are reasonable, the user base is larger than more expensive, niche market software. This spreads annual costs over more customers, reducing everyone's individual price. Since you receive a 30 day trial with a no-questions-asked return policy, you have nothing at risk.
  • The company is highly automated which reduces office overhead.

Privacy statement

Our statement is really simple because we are privacy advocates. Once you are a registered NoteSmith user, any contact information you provide to us is used strictly to identify you to our technical support personnel. We never sell, rent, or trade names or contact information.

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