Loan Servicing Links

Here are some useful references for loan servicing professionals, mortgage investors, and other lending practitioners.

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The Paper Source is a monthly newsletter for mortgage investors and note brokers, especially for discount mortgages. Check out the UCC and 1098 articles. Past articles include usury, simultaneous closings, and late breaking news about the private mortgage industry.

SourceMedia, formerly known as Faulkner & Gray, is a publisher of various newsletters for mortgage brokers and bankers.

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Web Sites

IRS is where you can download tax forms and read relatively simple explanations of tax regulations as they apply to loan servicing, mortgages, real estate, and other investments. Be sure to note the taxpayer friendliness of the site.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has excellent reference material in plain English on loans, mortgages, and real estate.

Capterra advertises on behalf of dozens of loan origination and loan servicing software programs, making it easy to compare prices, features, and value for your dollar. (This link is for your benefit. NoteSmith does not advertise on Capterra.)

Winning the Cash Flow War, the name of a book by Fred Rewey and the author's web site. Published by John Wiley & Sons, the book is ideal for those who want to start accumulating assets, especially younger people just starting their careers. The information is outstanding, makes a great gift, and you cannot beat the price.

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The Mortgage Office publishes a powerful suite of loan software and lending solutions for large companies.

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The Notes Lounge is a forum for note and mortgage investors plus cash flow brokers.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau includes a wealth of information for consumers on borrowing and for lenders on servicing. An important document all retail lenders and servicers should read is the Small Entity Compliance Guide. The guide lists federally mandated procedures for lenders and servicers along with specific exemptions for smaller companies.