NoteSmith Net

NoteSmith Net loan servicing software has additional features for larger companies, lenders, landlords, and note investors with sophisticated needs. It includes all the features of our NoteSmith program and NoteSmith Pro plus these.

NoteSmith Net Features

  • NoteSmith Net allows for simultaneous, multiple user access
  • Install onto one server and up to five workstations of one local area network (LAN)
  • Update any program files on the server the workstations will update themselves
  • The NoteSmith server does not need to be a dedicated server but can be any modern Windows desktop computer
  • An additional 20 workstation pack is available for a nominal fee
  • Remember! NoteSmith Net includes all the features of NoteSmith and NoteSmith Pro
  • See Additional Information for more details, including screen shots and reports